Originated from the highlands of Scotland and the Isles of England, Tartans were banned after the 1745 Jacobite Rising. As the ban came with severe penalties, only rebels don Tartans. It is no wonder the punks brought it back into the fashion scene in the 1970s, along with punk music to express their discontentment with the society. Tartan became the unanimous symbol of rebellion.

With such colourful history weaved into a piece of fabric, whether it’s the highlands heritage that draws you to it, or the rebel in you that resonates with it, Tartans aren’t just something you can ignore.

Don your Tartan and follow what you believe.

Tartan Shirt Tote (The Blue Series)

Roll it up, pack it in your luggage. This bag unrolls into a convenient tote for your day trips.

Size: 33cm (width) x 44cm (length)

Now Available at Blackmarket No.2